Static Frequency Converter


  • 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz input frequency.
  • 0 – 150V, 0 to 300VAC output frequency for option.
  • 40.0 to 499.9Hz output frequency.
  • Capacity: Single Phase 500VA – 45kVA
    Three Phase 3kVA – 150kVA
  • Precise 4 LED digital display output frequency, voltage, ampere & wattage.
  • Full galvanically isolated, no harmonic distortion (EMI EMC).
  • Pure and stable sine wave output.
  • Fast response time.
  • Sustained 300% overload capability.
  • IGBT/PWM technology enhances compact size, low noise, high reliability.
  • Capable to simulate global voltage, frequency for export electrical products test.
  • Units are equipped with electronic circuit/instant trip breaker/buzzer alarm for Overload, over voltage, over current, over temperature, output short circuit protection.

Single phase to single phase Converter


Three phase to Single phase Converter


Three phase to Three phase Converter