We produce three phase oil-immersed distribution transformers with rated power in range from 25 kVA up to 5MVA. Our transformers are both types, hermetically sealed and with conservator. They are manufactured in accordance with local and international standards and fully adapted for mounting in complete transformer substations and steel-lattice poles. The windings can be made from aluminium or copper depending on customer requirements and needs. We produce oil-immersed transformers with different series of losses according to EN 50464-1 but also special transformers for dedicated services with customized losses and design.

Product Features:

  • Hermetically sealed or with conservator
  • Tank made of mild steel with corrugated Fin walls or Radiators
  • Off-Circuit tap changer in 5 positions
  • HV bushings according to DIN 42531 or EN 50180
  • LV bushings according to DIN 42530 or EN 50386
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Contact thermometer (for transformers ≥ 630 kVA)
  • Safety valve
  • Lifting lugs
  • Rating plate
  • Earthing terminals
  • Filling plug & Drain cock
  • Bi-Directional rollers – 90°
  • Buchholz relay & Dehydrating breather (With Conservator type construction only)

Technical Data:

  • Rated Power: 25KVA~5000KVA
  • Rated Primary Voltage: Up to 36kV
  • Rated Secondary Voltage: 11kV, 6.6 kV, 3.3 kV, 433V, 230V etc.
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz, 50/60Hz
  • Phases: Three-phase unit
  • Temperature Rise Oil/Winding: 50/55 °C
  • Design Ambient Temperature: 40 °C
  • Operating Humidity: Up to 95% relative humidity
  • Altitude: ≤ 1000m above sea level
  • Cooling Method: ONAN
  • Insulating Oil Type: Mineral Oil
  • Manufacturing Standard : IEC-60076


  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure